Wednesday, November 10, 2010


That is exactly how mothers feel during the end of the year! If you're anything like me, you ALWAYS want the best for your child. Even if your child is under a year old. This year I've already spent way too much, even before the beginning of November. Uh-oh. Most of the gifts for Allee have already been given to her.. so we probably won't count those as gifts. On the bright side, we have all our Christmas shopping done for all the kiddos on both mine and Albert's sides! We decided to go with pajamas! Who doesn't love jammies??!?
I am not sure if we will exchange gifts this year.. I think we are looking into just buying one gift for the both of us, the Kinect! I personally would love it! Plus with the baby I think Christmas is more important for children.. I love the thought of their faces! :) Thankful. Excited! All of the above!
We are planning on doing Thanksgiving and Christmas at Albert's older sisters house. She is a few months pregnant and has 3 other children. We absolutely adore them! It will definitely be a full house with all the kiddos running around. I love the idea of it! Of course, we will also visit my family,at my mothers house, to get a ton of pictures of both families in the mix! I already have Allee's outfits for both occasions!
Allee is getting so big and already fits in a lot of her 3-6 month clothing. If I could guess she would probably be nearing 13 pounds and 24 inches! She has almost outgrown her bassinet but I am not even close to having her sleep in her crib! She did nap in it today though, all by herself! :) It makes me a little sad to see her getting bigger and putting away all of her adorable clothing, but just gives me reason to buy more! My little girl is the next fashionista!
We will be doing Christmas photos here in the next couple of weeks and look forward to putting in an order at Shutterfly for our Christmas cards! So exciting! I will definitely post pictures soon!!!


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