Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way too long.

Busy Busy Busy
Where to start? I suppose 2 weeks ago. School has been wonderful, I'm almost on my 6th week which is 1/3 into this semester. Just that makes me super motivated because it makes me THAT much closer to being finished with school. JEEZ I am so excited. September 4th was our anniversary. It was amazing. I love Albert, although we are in an intense argument right now about respect, I love his stubborn ass. :) He hates work, and I hate school but our philosophy is "it's not forever" but.. what he doesn't know I THINK, "its a temporary forever-bleh" :) I've had a couple tests in my classes and everything is running pretty smoothly not to mention i'm actually enjoying the majority of what I'm learning. Besides being completely exhausted 98% of the time.. I am good. Just got over the flu. So thats good. My sisters baby, Noah has the swine flu and cannot be treated because our stupid government doesn't have a treatment. It makes me lucid. :) I miss spending all day with my honey, and all weekend with my best friend. We never talk anymore, not to mention missing my little mini me best friend. :( Hopefully we can catch up soon. I miss you Heather & Brooke bean. I suppose i'll get some HW done and get to bed.

P.s I've lost 10 pounds since school began!


I will write soon, I promise.

Our puppies are getting so big, 5 weeks on sunday!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Of Anxious Activities.

Hello Jello!
Today of course is Monday Night. This is my very very first blog about my life. I don't want to fill my journal up with who I am.. but really my life "how it is". Anyway, Our weekend was planned to leave Saturday morning and stay at a wonderful hotel along the beach of Ventura,CA. Anyway, that didn't happen. A lot of things had happened throughout the weekend and money issues held us from spending the night. So we left on Sunday morning at 4:00am. Our tomtom quit working on us just hours before we left, so we followed my parents there and back, which wasn't bad at all. I just wish we could have spent a night there. It was wonderful weather minus the fires. My parents went, Aimee, Noah, me and Albert. We had fun and took alot of great pictures! Anyway we got home Sunday night around 9:30pm came home.. relaxed took a shower, and I woke up two hours later puking my brains out. I was SO sick.. and it lasted an hour or so.. This morning when I woke up with SEVERE diareah. (not sure if it was food poisoning or a bacterial infection) It was horrible. It's lasted all day... so.. I missed my very first day of class. :( It sucked so badly. I wanted to go but didn't know if I wanted to chance it. Thankfully, all of my professors understood, and made me feel especially comfortable. I am thankful. Overall, A wonderful perfect weekend with my honey. Looking forward to the week. Tomorrow, I have my Xray on my knee hopefully we get things figured out with some therapy. Can't wait for the future. Albert and my year anniversary is this Friday. I am so excited, though we don't have alot of money I just can't wait for the official day and maybe make him a carrot cake and candle light dinner. (The roommates will be gone) woooohoooo!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome To My World...

I am so excited!!! I've created this blog space to let a few people in on what goes on in my life, somewhere to vent and express ideas, and somewhere to keep a "diary" of my life. The reason I've quoted diary is because, a diary is meant to be and stay private, mine on the other hand..... isn't! I hope you will bear with me throughout the next.. say.. forever!.. because this is my first journal. I hope I can contain names of certain individuals who don't make me too pleased and hopefully feel better about my daily situations. I hope to have a few friends and people who find me interesting!! I love life and I feel there is so much that is passed up and not taken in! My blog's name is "The Simple Life" not because my life is simple.. because it's the exact opposite!!!! But because life should be made simple.. and love every moment of it. Another little fun fact, my identification name on my blog is Picture_Perfect. Again, not because I am picture perfect.. but that is how one should imagine their life! What is the definition of "perfect"?? Mine is right here right now. Although, a lot of the time I am upset or have something to complain about.. hopefully, eventually, I will be able to accept my life, in that moment, completely!!!

Again, Welcome!!!

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