Thursday, November 25, 2010


There are so many things I am thankful for.. I will try to make a list and see how far I get!
1) A healthy baby girl.
2) A hard working fiancee.
3) A family who loves me for who I am.
4) Friends who I can count on.
5) A roof over our head.
6) Never "Needing" anything!
7) Always having food in our pantry.
8) Having a reliable car to drive.
9) Growing up with a sister!
10) My education.
11) A God who understands me.
12) A friend who always listens.

There is much much more that I am thankful for. Especially a year ago.. exactly this time in the morning. I was up preparing my first Thanksgiving dinner.. and could hardly stand to look at a raw turkey. My morning sickness was so bad, just 11 days before that I had got my BIG FAT POSITIVE! :) I hoped and prayed that I would have a healthy baby, and everything would be perfect. I got just that, she is everything I ever wanted! I am extremely thankful for my daughter, Allee Isabella Arceo.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Cards Gah-LORE!!!

Hello Blog World!!!
Today was an awfully busy day in the Arceo household. We were I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Today was our Christmas Photo Session! We decided to go with Picture People to get our photos done.. and ABSOLUTELY love them! I had Allee's outfit picked out weeks ago, and I am in love with how everything turned out! This was Allees adorable little outfit:
With this adorable little cardigan

And this beautiful little bow from Army Bow-tique!:

I am beyond pleased with the result!! :) I will be posting pictures soon!!

I also wanted to send out Holiday Postcards through Shutterfly! I have done quite a bit of business with them and all of their packages come within days of ordering, with WONDERFUL quality items! I will definitely be putting in an order with them! I especially like this layout!

That's is all I have for now! :) Ta-ta.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 Random About Me's

  1.  I don't mind needles, at all.
  2. I love buying clothes for my daughter, more-so than myself.
  3. I love interior design but could never do it for a living.
  4. I like my water "barely chilled".
  5. I absolutely love honey in my tea.
  6. I don't care for lipstick, or anything glimmery or glittery.
  7. I love documenting everything.
  8. I am glad my daughter came first.
  9. I have to match all Allee's bottles with their correct lids and coordinating colors.
  10. I hate sweepings more than any other chore. 
  11. I love language arts, and especially love writing.
  12. My favorite movie of all time is Legends Of The Fall.
  13. Most of my clothes are gray and black.
  14. I am a weeny with pain.
  15. My favorite animal is a polar bear. Runner up would be a penguin.
  16. I admire my older sister. She is so strong.
  17. Kids are amazing. I absolutely love them.
  18. Kitkats are my guilty pleasure.
  19. I am an advocate for St. Jude Researching Hospital.
  20. Pink zebra print has got to be my favorite design.
  21. I love winter time. 
  22. I graduated as a junior in highschool.
  23. Candles are an obsession of mine. As is organization.
  24. My daughters room looks like something out of a magazine--I take pride in it!
  25. My car doesn't have electric locks or windows. It sucks because I am lazy. 
:) Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


That is exactly how mothers feel during the end of the year! If you're anything like me, you ALWAYS want the best for your child. Even if your child is under a year old. This year I've already spent way too much, even before the beginning of November. Uh-oh. Most of the gifts for Allee have already been given to her.. so we probably won't count those as gifts. On the bright side, we have all our Christmas shopping done for all the kiddos on both mine and Albert's sides! We decided to go with pajamas! Who doesn't love jammies??!?
I am not sure if we will exchange gifts this year.. I think we are looking into just buying one gift for the both of us, the Kinect! I personally would love it! Plus with the baby I think Christmas is more important for children.. I love the thought of their faces! :) Thankful. Excited! All of the above!
We are planning on doing Thanksgiving and Christmas at Albert's older sisters house. She is a few months pregnant and has 3 other children. We absolutely adore them! It will definitely be a full house with all the kiddos running around. I love the idea of it! Of course, we will also visit my family,at my mothers house, to get a ton of pictures of both families in the mix! I already have Allee's outfits for both occasions!
Allee is getting so big and already fits in a lot of her 3-6 month clothing. If I could guess she would probably be nearing 13 pounds and 24 inches! She has almost outgrown her bassinet but I am not even close to having her sleep in her crib! She did nap in it today though, all by herself! :) It makes me a little sad to see her getting bigger and putting away all of her adorable clothing, but just gives me reason to buy more! My little girl is the next fashionista!
We will be doing Christmas photos here in the next couple of weeks and look forward to putting in an order at Shutterfly for our Christmas cards! So exciting! I will definitely post pictures soon!!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010


So I finally got around to posting pictures and here are a few to share!!

(She finally fits into her "Coming Home Outfit")

(Daddy & Allee)

(Mommy & Allee, She wasn't too thrilled about taking pictures with me.. lol)

(Family Photo)

and finally...

(Birthday girl Brooke, with cousin Allee)

Thanks for looking!