Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way too long.

Busy Busy Busy
Where to start? I suppose 2 weeks ago. School has been wonderful, I'm almost on my 6th week which is 1/3 into this semester. Just that makes me super motivated because it makes me THAT much closer to being finished with school. JEEZ I am so excited. September 4th was our anniversary. It was amazing. I love Albert, although we are in an intense argument right now about respect, I love his stubborn ass. :) He hates work, and I hate school but our philosophy is "it's not forever" but.. what he doesn't know I THINK, "its a temporary forever-bleh" :) I've had a couple tests in my classes and everything is running pretty smoothly not to mention i'm actually enjoying the majority of what I'm learning. Besides being completely exhausted 98% of the time.. I am good. Just got over the flu. So thats good. My sisters baby, Noah has the swine flu and cannot be treated because our stupid government doesn't have a treatment. It makes me lucid. :) I miss spending all day with my honey, and all weekend with my best friend. We never talk anymore, not to mention missing my little mini me best friend. :( Hopefully we can catch up soon. I miss you Heather & Brooke bean. I suppose i'll get some HW done and get to bed.

P.s I've lost 10 pounds since school began!


I will write soon, I promise.

Our puppies are getting so big, 5 weeks on sunday!