Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 Random About Me's

  1.  I don't mind needles, at all.
  2. I love buying clothes for my daughter, more-so than myself.
  3. I love interior design but could never do it for a living.
  4. I like my water "barely chilled".
  5. I absolutely love honey in my tea.
  6. I don't care for lipstick, or anything glimmery or glittery.
  7. I love documenting everything.
  8. I am glad my daughter came first.
  9. I have to match all Allee's bottles with their correct lids and coordinating colors.
  10. I hate sweepings more than any other chore. 
  11. I love language arts, and especially love writing.
  12. My favorite movie of all time is Legends Of The Fall.
  13. Most of my clothes are gray and black.
  14. I am a weeny with pain.
  15. My favorite animal is a polar bear. Runner up would be a penguin.
  16. I admire my older sister. She is so strong.
  17. Kids are amazing. I absolutely love them.
  18. Kitkats are my guilty pleasure.
  19. I am an advocate for St. Jude Researching Hospital.
  20. Pink zebra print has got to be my favorite design.
  21. I love winter time. 
  22. I graduated as a junior in highschool.
  23. Candles are an obsession of mine. As is organization.
  24. My daughters room looks like something out of a magazine--I take pride in it!
  25. My car doesn't have electric locks or windows. It sucks because I am lazy. 
:) Enjoy.

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