Saturday, September 25, 2010

She is MINE.

Doesn't it just baffle you how you can create something so perfect. Well in many cases you may believe this to be true: at work when you complete a task, in college when your working SO hard on an assignment and finally complete it, or even life in general. Isn't it just crazy when you think back to when you were 5 years old and had absolutely no worries in the world! Well I believe when you have a child it really hits you! You and your partner have created the most precious piece of art known to man kind! How can one act of passion, intimacy, love(or in some cases irresponsibility) create a PERSON, a child.. the most beautiful gift God could ever grant someone! My daughter is by far the most amazing, beautiful, little "person" I have ever met in my born days! Even these crazy nights and extremely LONG days do not phase how much I admire and absolutely LOVE my child. My daughter! Allee is now 2 MONTHS! (well 2 months and five days to be exact)! She is getting SO big.. Albert and I weighed her today and she weighs a whopping 10 lbs and 6 oz. She is our little chunky! I love spending all morning and night with my half opened tired eyes starring at her little face, and seeing that little smile.. hearing her little cooes and FINALLY a giggle! She is all mine.. and that will never change!

On a lighter note.. I am finally getting in the groove of parenting. My house isn't awfully dirty, but could be a little cleaner.. minus the dust and all ;)! Laundry doesn't seemed to ever get put away, but HEY I wash and fold it! I am so not interested in DIY projects around the house right now.. sleep seems to have me when I get the opportunity. Someday we will get back to decoration and organization.. I miss how organized I was!

My love might be getting a new job soon, please keep us in your prayers! This job is in the same town we live in - instead of him driving 35 minutes to his current job! Plus instead of night shifts he will be a day shift worker! He had an interview and the supervisor is supposed to get back to him next week... lets hope and pray it all works out! We are very positive about it and really excited for something new! Plus, he will get more time to spend with his daughter.. who loves him OH SO MUCH! (Almost more than she loves me, I think!)

Well it looks like I need to prepare bottles and diaper changes for tonight! Off I go.. Oh yeah! And if you notice little changes here and there... it is because I am slowly but surely designing my blog! So I guess we will call it...

Under Construction!


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  1. She is SO cute!!! :)
    Love the blog background, by the way! Let me know i you need any help!!! :D