Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a kind of "waiting" type of day..

Blah! Nothing too great, but nothing to shabby I must admit! Today was full of nothings really. Allee slept a great 8 hours for mommy last night (broke up in a 6 and then a 2, of course) it was simply bliss~! She is such a great baby! I don't know what I would do if she was colicy! =0!
Allee spent the day with her Granny while Albert went to the dentist for a root canel(Which he ended up not needing!! Woohoo) and Mommy ran on a quick shopping spree for little miss Brooke, who turned 5 yesterday! Of course I went to Gymboree, I am absolutely OBSESSED! I love buying new things for Allee, but I really just shouldn't keep spending money when she won't even wear the outfit but once! And frankly.. she has BEYOND enough clothes!!! I also stopped by Target to check out a few books.. notice to your left I've recently read a few WONDERFUL books. Those by Emily Giffin are addicting..honestly, It was hard for me to even put them down!
I can't wait to receive my shipment from Amazon with 4 new books! I will let you know how that goes! Infact, Emily Giffin's book Something Borrowed, is actually becoming a movie early next year! I am completely unraveled about it and honestly cannot WAIT!
Albert hasn't got a call back from that job, yet! So all we can do is hope and pray and, of course, wait some more for some news! :) Lets stay positive! More to come very very soon...


and... we are still under construction, unfortunately. I am a little ashamed of my lack of html knowledge! :)

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