Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome To My World...

I am so excited!!! I've created this blog space to let a few people in on what goes on in my life, somewhere to vent and express ideas, and somewhere to keep a "diary" of my life. The reason I've quoted diary is because, a diary is meant to be and stay private, mine on the other hand..... isn't! I hope you will bear with me throughout the next.. say.. forever!.. because this is my first journal. I hope I can contain names of certain individuals who don't make me too pleased and hopefully feel better about my daily situations. I hope to have a few friends and people who find me interesting!! I love life and I feel there is so much that is passed up and not taken in! My blog's name is "The Simple Life" not because my life is simple.. because it's the exact opposite!!!! But because life should be made simple.. and love every moment of it. Another little fun fact, my identification name on my blog is Picture_Perfect. Again, not because I am picture perfect.. but that is how one should imagine their life! What is the definition of "perfect"?? Mine is right here right now. Although, a lot of the time I am upset or have something to complain about.. hopefully, eventually, I will be able to accept my life, in that moment, completely!!!

Again, Welcome!!!

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